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Men's Clothing

There is no reason to make it more difficult than it is. You get easily a super bold style of dress, if only your wardrobe contains the most important elements. Firstly; jeans, jeans, jeans! A few classic straight leg jeans by Levi's 501 is a must in the wardrobe. And if you have enough jeans lying in the closet, then a pair of khaki colored chinos also necessary. With these two pants will take you really far. White t-shirts are another important element in the wardrobe and buy them now in good quality, so they keep their shape after washing. Shirts are even more important, and you should have at least one white, one blue and a checkered one.

Men's Shoes

There are many cool shoes for men. Every guy should simply owning sneakers, and preferably several pairs. A street cool look is simply no easier to achieve than with a pair of super cool sneakers from favorite brand. Whether it is Nike, Asics, Adidas, or something else, you have complete control. As long skosamlingen include sneakers. In the majority.
And then there's loafers, moccasins and sailor all of which are the epitome of the preppy style, which is super cool to the stylish chinos or summer look consisting of shorts and polo shirts. Not forgetting summer casual espadrillos, Birkenstock sandals and colorful flip-flops.

Women's Clothing and Shoes online

A fashionable everyday wardrobe requires delicious basic clothing. And then you can always add seasonal trends for women's clothes. You have guaranteed very basic clothes lying in the closets, but maybe it's still time to change a little out of it. Start with basic underwear in colors like black and nude; it always creates a perfect starting point for the good style.
The blue jeans and a pair of black pants are some of the most important basic elements of a good dress sense, and remember also skirts and black pencil skirt. T-shirts, shirts and sweaters are some of the basic tops, you can always combine the length and breadth of the parts. When it comes to outerwear, leather jacket is absolutely indispensable as a classic coat a'la trench coat in summer and uldfrakken in winter it is. And the short jacket or a black blazer will always give your everyday clothes an elegant touch.
Committee from the best online shops and shoe stores can be found on here where we have collected the very best from home and abroad. On this page you will find everything from sneakers to high-heeled sandals, and the many sorting options make it easy for you to find the right pair. So take a look range of cool shoes for women through and find the size, color or brand, you just are looking for! Shoes can we girls always use more of!
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